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 Los Santos Police Department Hand Book

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PostSubject: Los Santos Police Department Hand Book   Mon Sep 03, 2012 4:41 am

LSPD Handbook

Theses codes are important and must be learn in order to pass your Recruitment Process. (Write them down)

Ten Codes
10-1 Transmitting poorly
10-2 Transmitting clearly
10-3 Stop transmitting
10-4 Message received
10-6 Off-duty, but in for Emergency calls
10-7 Off-duty, not responding to calls
10-8 On-duty, active patrol and responding to calls
10-9 Repeat last transmission
10-10 ((Logging off))
10-15 Male suspect in custody
10-15a Most wanted suspect in custody
10-16 Cadet needs a patrol officer to ride with
10-19 Returning to station
10-20 Location
10-21 Phone call
10-22 Disregard last message
10-23 Standby
10-26 Traffic stop [location]
10-26a High-risk traffic stop [location]
10-27 License Status Check
10-28 Vehicle registration check
10-29 Wants/warrants check
10-35 Current time
10-44 Permission to Leave
10-62 Attempting a P.I.T.
10-66 Suspicious [person or vehicle]
10-70 Prowler
10-71 Shooting
10-72 Gun involved
10-76 Enroute to [location]
10-77 Bomb threat
10-78 Explosion
10-80 Pursuit in progress
10-84 ETA
10-85 Area check (Not a call type. Used for when you're 10-97, but looking around instead of arriving)
10-86 Any radio traffic?
10-87 Meet officer at [location]
10-88 Requesting cover unit [location]
10-96 Available to assign
10-97 Arrived on Scene
10-98 All units call, clear and resume patrol
10-99 End of situation

Eleven Codes
11-29 Clear record (no warrants)
11-41 Ambulance required [location]
11-44 Coroners case - dead on floor
11-52 Status check
11-54 Suspicious vehicle
11-55 Officer being followed by auto
11-56 11-55 W/dangerous persons
11-80 Accident - Major Injury
11-78 Aircraft accident
11-81 Accident - Minor Injury
11-82 Accident - Property Damage Only
11-83 Accident - No Details
11-85 Tow Truck Needed
11-98 Meet at location
11-99a Officer in Extreme Danger

Status Codes
Code 0 ((Game crash))
Code 1 Routine response code
Code 2 Urgent - no light or siren
Code 3 Use lights and siren
Code 4 No further assistance needed
Code 5 Stakeout
Code 6 Stay out of area
Code 10 SWAT pre-call up
Code 11 SWAT Call up
Code 37 Subject/Property wanted
Code Purple Gang Activity

Miranda Rights

The Miranda Rights are a warning that is required to be given to detained criminals by a Law Enforcement Officer before they are interrogated to inform them about their constitutional rights. This is the rights as spoken by members of the Los Santos Police Department.

"You have the right to remain silent. Anything you do or say can and will be used against you in the court of law. You have the right to an attorney after initial processing has been completed. Do you understand these rights as I have read them?"

If the Miranda Rights are not read to someone whom has been detained or arrested, the arrest is considered void and will not be completed in the court of law. The subject may be released at once if the rights were not read.


Field Training Operations
The Training and Recruitment Division, known as FTO, is ran under the supervision of the appointed director. This division consists of Corporals and Officers who are doing the job of reviewing applications and taking applicants on their training run to become Cadets and get into the department itself. Without these fine members, we would have no staff. This division has a staff limit.

Traffic Enforcement [TE]
Traffic Enforcement is in charge of everything related to traffic. TE members will be in charge of regular patrol along with operations involving drunk drivers checkpoints and speed traps. TE has to patrol in uniform and in a marked cruiser at all times.

Special Weapons and Tactics [S.W.A.T]
S.W.A.T handles all high risk situations. S.W.A.T will be in charge of ALL Hostage Situations, Bank Robberies, and but not limited to, apprehending most wanted suspects.
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Los Santos Police Department Hand Book
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